March 31, 2010

AFI - All Hallows EP

Okay, I know that you're probably thinking; "AFI are a bunch of whiny Emo fags". Well, you're wrong. Before AFI became a mainstream rock band, they were (beleive it or not), a Horror Punk band (and before that, a Hardcore band). Now, this is a pretty cool EP, it's long been out of print (on vinyl), although you can still purchase it on CD (which is not even as good). So, there's a Misfits cover on here, and like 3 other original songs. Download it, especially if you hate AFI. Because you'd be suprised to find that they were once an amazing band.

  1. Fall Children
  2. Halloween
  3. The Boy Who Destroyed The World
  4. Totalimmortal

Fuck yeah!

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