May 31, 2010

Samhain - November Coming Fire

Okay, so Samhain were a New Jersey based Deathrock band formed by ex-Misfits frontman and founder Glenn Danzig. This is was happened, in 1983, The Misfits broke up, Glenn was getting tired of problems within the band, he even told Henry Rollins of Black Flag that he planned to disband The Misfits months before their Halloween of '83 performance which ended the band. So The Misfits went their seperate ways. Glenn had plently of songs that he had already written that he planned to use in a different project, he was also growing more interested in Deathrock and Post-Punk bands (Christian Death, Alien Sex Fiend, Bauhaus), and decided to merge these dark Post-Punk sounds with the image and fast-paced music of The Misfits. He even got all the members of Samhain to grow devilocks (hey, Jerry Only really did do something for the original Misfits). Anyways, Samhain released three albums (Initium, November Coming Fire and Final Descent) and an extended play called Unholy Passion. If you ask me, November Coming Fire being their best. In 1987, Samhain broke up after Rick Rubin of Def Jam Recordings approached him with the idea of forming a rock super-group with Glenn as vocalist. Glenn refused to do so unless bassist Eerie Von of Samhain could be in this new band. Both agreed that the band's sound would have to change (haha, The Cult), and out of this lineup change and new sound came Danzig, a band that would allow Glenn to acquire currency, bitches, and MTV fame.

Download HERE.