March 28, 2009

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Darklands EP

This was a 1987 EP by the great Scottish Alternative band known as The Jesus and Mary Chain.
The EP was released just before and album of the same name (Darklands) but unlike its album, it still retains that Noisy pop sound that the band worked with during their Psychocandy album. The band originally broke up back in 1999 but reformed in 2007 and have been touring since.


1. Darklands
2. Rider
3. Surfin 'USA [April Out-Take]
4. On The Wall [Porta Studio Demo]

All song written and composed by Jim and William Reid, except for Surfin 'USA which is a Beach Boys cover.


March 27, 2009

MC Lars - The Graduate

The fifth studio album by the great Post-punk Laptop Hip Hopper Mc Lars. Yes, he describes his music as being Post-punk Laptop Rap, which unlike traditional rap music, samples Alternative rock and Punk rock in place of Funk, Soul and Pop. His lyrics often mock real life social events and issues, such as online dating, the decline of hip hop, the commercialisation of alternative cultures and illegal downloading. Plus entirely fictional events such as Moby Dick. Its a great album if your looking for intelligent Hip Hop.
1. Download This Song (w/ Jaret Reddick)
2. The Roomate from Hell (w/ MC Chris)
3. 21 Concepts
4. Hot Topic is NOT Punk Rock (w/ The Matches)
5. Rapgirl
6. Generic Crunk Rap
7. Ahab
8. iGeneration
9. If I Had a Time Machine, The World Would Be Fresh
10. Internet Relationships (w/ A Scholar and A Physician and Piney Gir)
11. Space Game
12. The Dialogue (w/ Ill Bill)
13. Six Degrees of Kurt Cobain
14. Signing Emo (w/ Hearts That Hate, who aren't really a real band)
* Download this song features a sample of The Passenger by Iggy Pop.
* 21 Concepts is a parody of a Jay-Z song, 99 Problems.
* Lars will sometimes get other bands to play the parts of Hearts That Hate in concert.

Bauhaus - Go Away White

This was the fifth, final and last album by the great British Post-punk/Gothic band Bauhaus. The band was composed of vocalist Peter Murphy, guitarist Daniel Ash, bassist David J and drummer Kevin Haskins. The band's lineup was entirely the same in both their original (1978-1983) and reformed (2005-2008) stages. The band was originally called Bauhaus1919 after the German art movement but changed to simply Bauhaus, sometime in 1979. All of the band's members went on to do either solo projects or work with other bands since their demise.
1. Too Much 21st Century
2. Adrenalin
3. Undone
4. International Bulletproof Talent
5. Endless Summer of The Damned
6. Saved
7. Mirror Remains
8. Black Stone Heart
9. The Dog's a Vapour
10. Zikir
If you ask me, this was on of the best albums of '08 and shows Bauhaus at its possible best.

March 24, 2009

Rozz Williams and Gitane Demone - Dream Home Heartache

It was a collabarative album between the two former Christian Death members, Rozz Williams and Gitane Demone, who were obviously best known for their work with Christian Death, the LA Deathrock (and now Gothic Metal) band who are still active today despite the fact that none of the bands original members are performing with them. Anyways Rozz hung himself on April 1st, 1998 (Rest in Piece) and has had a longlasting legacy in Goth, Punk and Underground circles. Anyways its a great album, which is why I posted it. The title is derived from a Roxy Music song (In Every Dream Home a Heartache) which is infact covered on the album.
1. In Every Dream Home a Heartache [Roxy Music cover]
2. These Vulnerable Eyes
3. The Pope's Egg Hat
4. Manic Depression [Jimi Hendrix cover]
5. Flowers
6. A World Apart
7. Moon Without a Tear
8. In Every Dream Home a Heartache (Reprise)
All tracks written and performed by Rozz Williams and Gitane Demone, except 1, 4 and 6. Which
are covers.

March 22, 2009

Christian Death - Only Theatre of Pain (1997 Reissue)

The 1997 CD reissue of the classic cult album by the great Deathrock band Christian Death. This was Rozz Williams' Christian Death which developed in the mid-80s into Valor Kands Christian Death, which doesn't contain any of the original members and turned into a Gothic Metal band back in the 90s. Valor's Christian Death is still performing if your interested. Any the CD version of Only Theatre of Pain, which I have here, combines the original 1982 album Only Theatre of Hate with the 1984 Deathwish EP. Anyways at one point in the late 80s there were actually 2 bands called Christian Death. Valor Kands band and Rozz's band and there was a dispute over the naming rights. Nowadays there is Valor's band and theres Christian Death 1334 (also known as CD 1334). The later is composed of Christian Death members (withouth Rozz Williams, who died on April 1st, 1998) from the Only Theatre of Pain album.
1. Cavity - First Communion

2. Figurative Theatre

3. Burnt Offerings

4. Myserium Iniquitatis

5. Dream for Mother

6. Stairs - Unceratain Journey

7. Spiritual Cramp

8. Romeo's Distress

9. Resurrection - Sixth Commandment

10. Prayer

11. Deathwish

12. Romeo's Distress

13. Dogs

14. Desperate Hell

15. Spiritual Cramp

16. Cavity

Tracks 1 - 10 were on the original Only Theatre of Pain, 11 - 16 were from the Deathwish EP.

March 20, 2009

Various Artists - A Dark Cabaret

Its a compilation of Dark Cabaret music that Projekt Records put out back in 2005. Its composed of Dark Cabaret songs form various bands and artists from the 90s and 00s. Most of these bands appeared on Projekt sooner or later. The album includes such artists as the Dresden Dolls, Black Tape for Blue Girl, Jill Tracy, ex-Christian Death frontman Rozz Williams (who died in 1998, RIP) and various others.


1. Dresden Dolls - Coin-Operated Boy
2. Revue Noir - Sometimes
3. Jill Tracy - Evil Night Together
4. Katzenjammer Kabarett - Gemini Girly Song
5. Audra - Cabaret Fortune Teller
6. Nicki Jaine - Pretty Faces
7. Pretty Balanced - Simon's Sleeping
8. Black Tape for Blue Girl - Knock Three Times [Skinny Kinda Mix]
9. The Brides - Audience to The Ends
10. Rozz Williams - Flowers
11. ThouShaltNot - True Love


March 17, 2009

The Horrors New Single!

Well its finally happened, The Horrors have released the first single off their long awaited upcoming album Primary Colours! The new song is called Sea Within a Sea and is somewhat more ambient than their earlier work around Strange House. This new stuff sounds like a cross between Screaming Lord Sutch and the first couple of Neu! albums if you know what I mean. ITS AMAZING! GET IT HERE FOR FREE!

March 16, 2009

The Horrors/Suicide/Nik Void - Shadazz/Radiation split EP

A split EP by The Horrors, Suicide and Nick Void.

Incase you don't know any of these bands, let me give you a little introduction to them.

* The Horrors are a British band from Southend-on-Sea, England. Their music has been descibed by some (including me) as "Zombie Garage", which combines elements of Garage rock, Deathrock, Alternative, Noise, R&B, Punk and Surf Rock to create something new, abbrasive and scary.

*Suicide are a highly influential American Experimental Music duo from New York City composed of vocalist Alan Vega and keyboardist Martin Rev. They've been performing since 1971 and have been described musically as Punk rock, No Wave, Industrial, Electronic and Alternative Dance. They have been recognized as an influence by a variety of artists including and ranging from The Jesus and Mary Chain, Bruce Spingsteen, REM, Henry Rollins, Joy Division, New Order and Lydia Lunch.

*Nik Void. I couldn't find anything about this artist (or band), except he/she/they have only (to my knowledge) appeared on tributes to Suicide. If you know anything about (s)he/them then please tell me in the comments so I can add more information about them.


1. The Horrors - Shadazz

2. Suicide - Rocket USA (Live '80)

3. Nik Void - Radiation

All songs written and composed by Suicide. This EP was part of a tribute to Alan Vega of Suicide, who turned either 60 or 70 last year (his age is debated).


March 14, 2009

Rites of Spring - All Through A Life EP

The first, last and only EP by the short lived, influential, yet largely ignored DC Post-Hardcore band Rites of Spring. The band were, along with such bands as Embrace and Fugazi, one of the first bands to be labeled "Emocore" (or "Emo") although like their contemporaries, heavily rejected the label, much like My Chemical Romance does today. The band disbanded just before this EP was released but all the members would reform under the name Happy Go Licky for one year and disband again. This EP was released in May 1987 on Dishord Records and was produced by the great Ian Mackaye. Its now out off print as you can find all the songs on the 1991 compilation album End on End.


1. All Through a Life

2. Hidden Wheel

3. In Silence/Words Away

4. Patience

All songs written and composed by Rites of Spring.

Recorded at the Inner Ear Studios, January 1986.

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March 8, 2009

.45 Grave - Black Cross

This was the first single by LA based Deathrock band .45 Grave (also known as 45 Grave). The band were formed in 1979 out of members of the Industrial band Vox Pop, and from Punk Rock band The Germs. Lead Singer Dinah Cancer has been the only continuous member since its original incarnation and the band has broken up and reformed several times. They're currently touring but haven't released any new material since the 90s.


1. Black Cross

2. Wax

All songs written and composed by .45 Grave


The Sisterhood - Giving Ground (Single)

The Sisterhood were a short lived side project of Sisters of Mercy frontman Andrew Eldritch. The project was formed by Eldritch because at the time (1986) Eldritch had become the only remaining member of The Sisters of Mercy from the First and Last and Always era as all the other bandmembers had left, so Eldritch formed the Sisterhood simply to make sure that his ex-bandmates wouldn't make use of the name. Anyway its a good "Gothic rock"/Post-punk single (apologies to Andrew Eldritch for using the "G" word).
1. Giving Ground (RSV)
2. Giving Ground (AV)
All songs written and composed by Andrew Eldritch, and produced by Eldritch and Lucas Fox.
*note: These two versions of Giving Ground aren't the same as the one on The Sisterhood's only full album Gift.

March 7, 2009

Sonic Youth - Silver Session for Jason Knuth

Its an album that New York based Alternative/Experimental/Noise/No Wave band Sonic Youth did in 1998, although the album is 29 minutes long, its still viewed as an EP but never mind. The album consists entirely of feedback from the bands guitars, plus the out of sync drum machine here and there, the band dedicated this album to Jason Knuth, a Sonic Youth fan who killed himself. Really good Noise but probably not the most popularily accessable SY album and definetly not a good introduction to SY for a more casual listener.


1. Silver Panties
2. Silver Breeze
3. Silver Flower
4. Silver Wax Lips
5. Silver Loop
6. Silver Shirt
7. Silver Son
8. Silver Mirror


March 6, 2009

Vegas! - Midnight Machine EP

Okay so the latest release by Belgium Post-rock/Post-punk band Vegas! Its a really good EP, well I only downloaded it because I liked the cover art lol. The music is good, i'd give it 4/5 stars. Enjoy!
1. Chromosome Too Much
2. A Safehouse For Tigers
3. Damn Bones
4. Scream & Shout
5. Loaded
All songs written and performed by Vegas!
Download: Rapidshare

An Endless Sporadic - Ameliorate EP

The first (and so far only) release by Progressive Metal band An Endless Sporadic, it's a great EP if your a fan of Prog-metal and it incorporates elements of Funk and Lounge music. Impulse was a bonus track in Guitar Hero III and Sun of Pearl was added to a Tony Hawk game. All the tracks are instrumental, although Anything contains some speech samples. Enjoy!


1. Anything

2. Impulse

3. Sun of Pearl

4. The Adventures of Jabubu


The Horrors - The Horrors EP

First off, welcome to my blog, this is my first post.

The first EP release by UK Zombie Garage band The Horrors. All of these tracks would later appear as b-sides or be added to the bands debut album Strange House. Enjoy.


1. Death At The Chapel
2. Crawdaddy Simone (The Syndicats cover)
3. Sheena is a Parasite
4. Jack The Ripper (Screaming Lord Sutch cover)
5. Excellent Choice

All tracks written and composed by The Horrors, except noted.
password: bringmetheheads