October 27, 2009

My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything

1st album by the British Shoegazing giants My Bloody Valentine, too bored to give a description, but I'd like to say that the album gives a feeling that is both depressing, euphoric and faded at the same time :)

Oh er... can't be bothered to type a tracklist haha


October 18, 2009

The Misfits - Cough/Cool single

This was the first recording ever made by the New Jersey based Horror Punk band the Misfits. The versions of Cough/Cool and She differ from the versions featured on the Collection I compilation album, in that these have no guitar on them. Danzig played a synthesizer on both tracks. So the EP is more of a Synthpunk record then it is a Horror Punk record. Hence why I specifically labeled both songs as Synthpunk in the download. The quality isn't excellent, its taken from an old vinyl with quite a bit of crackling and poping in it. But its still a good album, enjoy :)

  1. Cough/Cool
  2. She
  • Glenn Danzig - vocals/synths
  • Jerry Only - bass
  • Manny Martinez - drums
Note that this is the only Misfits record on which Manny Martinez was featured on. As far as wikipedia shows, its the ONLY record he's ever appeared on. He's never appeared on another record since (other then the Misfits compilations Collection I and II, Legacy of Brutalitly,).


October 17, 2009

And Now for Something Completely different:

Okay, this is a story that I wrote, myself. It is drawn from a short story I wrote for english class, that part being at the beginning. But the remainder was written in my spare time.

I'd also like to give a disclaimer that the story may not be considered to be of "good morality ". In fact, I posted this on the Horrors Forum (Horum). I was warned that if I do this again, then I could be banned. My story was censored and replaced with the words; "Nothing better to say."

I'd also like to apologise for the lack of music posts lately, I've always said, I'm a busy man.

So, here we go:

The Rape, by Brandon George

The nurse left work at 5:00pm, she was exhausted, she had a long day of work and now had to go home to look after her son. Life for her was depressing, her husband had recently left her upon learning of her bisexual tendencies. The conservative community around her had also rejected her for such.

“Jesus Christ I could kill myself!” she said to herself on the walk down to her house. She lived four blocks from the hospital she worked at. She hated everything about where she lived. Especially the hospital she worked at. Although she was happy to assist the ill, she hated the people she worked with. As she kept walking, it started to rain. She took out her iPod. Playing some obnoxious Punk rock on it. She drowned herself in the sound. Paying little attention to what would happen.

When she was only a block from her house, a man came up beside her. The man was around five and a half feet tall. About an inch shorter then her. He asked her; “Where do you think you‘re going?” She didn’t notice at first. Then he shouted at her “Where do you think you‘re going!!!” At which point, she turned around and realized he was there.

“Ugh, I‘m going home, go away.”

“No, you‘re coming with me!”

He grabbed her by the hips, and threw her to the ground. He then dragged her behind a building. She was conscious, in fact, she had barely been hurt. But she was frightened as hell!!! What was happening to her?

The man slapped her on the cheek, Turning it red. He then tore of her clothing, While she tried resisting, she couldn’t stop him. The man then slapped her other cheek, this time with a leather slap jack. It gave her a slight cut near her eye.

The man then proceeded to pull down his pants, taking out his partially erect penis at the same time. The nurse then punched him in the eye, temporarily blinding him. He briefly blanked out, she took her clothes and quickly ran.

The man, finding his place, turned around, starting to chase her. She screamed, she ran, she panicked, she didn’t know where she was running to, Out in the rain, half naked, she ran. She ran to her house. Crossing the street.

She tripped over a noticeably large pothole. Falling to the ground head first, being knocked unconscious. The world turning into a foray of psychedelic colors and sounds. Was she dreaming? Yes? Was she dying? Maybe.

But the man caught up to her, dragging her away. He raped her, inside out. Eventually he grew tired of her. Slitting her throat with a dagger, he threw her corpse to the ground. He left. A victim of his own crime, now he would face the pain.

Her body was never found...

If you have any angry complaints, feel offended by this piece, think I should go away and die, actually like this story, think this is a work of art, then follow this advice:

  1. Feel free to express your opinions and feelings in the comments section, whatever they are.
  2. Show this to your friends (optional), see what they think
  3. Grab a glass of water, fill it with ice, and wait for the ice to melt
  4. Grab a pack of potato chips, eat every single chip, one by one, until the pack is gone
  5. You've just wasted at least an hour of your life, congradulations :)

October 3, 2009

Repost: The Horrors - Primary Colours plus Horrors news

Okay, so lately I have gone slightly overboard on The Horrors, they're my favorite band, but yes, I have been skipping out lately on other music. So after this post I'm probably not going to post much on The Horrors until something happens to them (i.e. they do another US tour, they release a new album/single, they break up ect.) and yes! For the news they are releasing a new single called Whole New Way, which appeared on the Japanese version of Primary Colours. But they've re-recorded and remixed it and are releasing it on vinyl with the b-side being Primary Colours from the album of the same name, and I will include Whole New Way at the end of this post. Now, the reason I'm reposting this is because I bought the album legally on CD and I realised the quality is slightly better, plus I scanned all the liner notes for the album, for the fans :)


  1. Mirror's Image
  2. Three Decades
  3. Who Can Say
  4. Do You Remember
  5. New Ice Age
  6. Scarlet Fields
  7. I Only Think of You
  8. I Can't Control Myself
  9. Primary Colours
  10. Sea Within a Sea
Download here :), I'd recommend that you listen through ear phones in a dark room, because it feels so psychedelic and dark, plus you hear things you didn't hear before.

Now listen to this!

I cut off the code on the Horrors website, wow lol, for my next post, I'm planning to put up some My Bloody Valentine, for those who like them lol