September 30, 2009

Various Artists - EXP6 - Mixtape

A mixtape for the masses composed of The New Thing and awesome beats/psychaedelic sounds. I recommend for those who know nothing of the New Thing :)


If you like what you hear, then I encourage you to purchase the music on CD, Vinyl, mp3, ect.

September 25, 2009

The Gruesomes - Tyrants of Teen Trash

This was the first album by the semi-obscure, depending on yourself ovcourse, yet very respected Canadian Garage-punk band The Gruesomes. Half the songs are original, the rest covers of 60's Garage and Freakbeat songs. The album proved to be a notorious influence on the british New Thing band The Horrors. Especially the cover of Screaming Lord Sutch's Jack The Ripper. A great album for fans of Garage punk, freakbeat and b-rated surf music.


  1. (The From) Bikers From Hell
  2. Cry in The Night
  3. I Never Loved Her
  4. What's Your Problem?
  5. The Witch
  6. Gone For Good
  7. Jack The Ripper
  8. For All I Care
  9. Bloodhound
  10. Get Outta My Hair
  11. Unchain My Heart
  12. My Broken Heart Will Never Mend (Unless You Come Back With The Glue)
  13. Dementia 13

Oh yeah, since I don't know most of the original cover songs, except Jack The Ripper and The Witch, I credited most songs to The Gruesomes, but please tell me which onces are covers, I'm not an expert at 60's punk.

September 20, 2009

Review: The Horrors with openers Casper Bangs and Crocodiles live @ The Black Cat

First, off, pure excellence, the greatest live show I've ever been to, and my first at the Black Cat. The concert was certainly not big enough to take place at the 9:30 Club. And as a result, the Black Cat proved the perfect setting for the event. The Horrors, The Crocodiles and Casper Bangs, two great and one slightly mediocre but respectable bands all in one room with psychaedelic results!

So lets go in chronological order now shall we?

First off, Casper Bangs, now Bangs are a local DC based band who play what I'll describe as the offspring Belinda Butcher and Rivers Cuomo (don't know who I'm talking about? Belinda was the guitarist for My Bloody Valentine, Rivers is the lead vocalit for Weezer). Infact, I met the lead singer for the band after his set. I was right at the front of the stage and he just walked of the stage into the crowd. I asked him who his influences were and he said that they were Noise rock bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain and Pop-rock bands like The Beach Boys. He's a nice guy with a weird fashion sense (he really stood out from the crowd and other bands, he wore a red v-neck sweater, grey pants, a white button down shirt and a black bow tie). I gave him my email address and he said he'd be happy to send some songs. Infact he passed a list around for people to write their addresses. He also reeks of alchohol.

And now, the second opening act. The awesome, and quite original band Crocodiles. Now I had heard the Crocodiles' music before, well after I found they were opening for the Horrors which I heard a while back. But I never knew that they were so awesome on stage! They take from The New Thing, Garage punk and Alternative Dance music. I'm gonna call it No Dance lol. They're frontman, who's name I don't know sadly, is wild, and over the top playful. The girl next to me said she saw them before and that the frontman looks a lot like Bob Dylan and tends to dance a lot on stage. He is exactly like that! The first few songs, he was doing all sorts of stuff on stage, bouncing on the floor, it was pure awesomeness! Midway through the set he went to guitar and actually had to concentrate lol. The energy goes out as the set goes on. But nonetheless, pure excellence in the field of performance art.

Ah, everything goes dark in the Black Cat, everyone waits impatiently, we all want the Horrors, well... we are Horrors! The background music plays, it goes off, onstage comes the great Tomethy Furse, followed by every other Horror, except one Faris Badwan.

"Hey Rhys!" I scream, mispronouncing his name by accident to say Rise.

"Its Rhys [Rhees]" he tells me

Ah, Mirrors Image starts playing, and up bursts the amazing and energetic Horrors vocalist Faris Badwan, he's full of both uncontrollable energy, and deep concentration. As the band play Three Decades, he falls into the crowd, no-one can hold him, he falls to the floor we all help him up, I touch his shoulder (fanboy moment!) He's helped back onstage by a roadie. He's tangled in his microphone wire. He goes through the set, at times wandering the stage, at other times, playing with the pipes above his head. He spits onto his setlist, saliva covering the tape of it (I took the setlist home with me! And covered my right hand fingers in Faris' saliva, pissing of my dad at the same time) Then after an amazing performance of Sea Within a Sea, they storm of the stage. But come back with the demand of the crowd. As an encore, they play a brand new song I've never heard before, it sounds like a mix of Kraftwerk and The Cramps, and both Rhys and Tom are playing keyboards... Oh wait! Its a cover of Ghost Rider by Suicide! Pure awesomness! Next, they go back to the days of Strange House, playing Gloves (Hacking desperatly in a sea of appendages!), with Faris swinging of the pipes above him. And they play one more song, Count in Fives, where the crowd shout out HEY! At the percise timing. They then leave the stage, the crowd satisfied. A good night and into a new day, a movement in the process.

Photos, vids and other shit:





September 16, 2009

DOUBLE POST: Robots in Disguise - We're in the Music Biz/The Horrors upcoming concert

Okay, so its been a while since I've last posted, I'm a busy man, I have to juggle school and the free time I have. Anyways, I've decided to do a double post to make up for the lack of recent posts. What was the last thing I posted? I think it was something by The Gaa Gaa's and Good Night and I Wish. But we're here and now huh?

Okay so first off, an album by the british Dance-punksters Robots in Disguise. Now, if your like me, you will look at the album cover and think (oh... its just Robots in Disguise screaming and wearing skinny ties). Well you've been fooled. Because they're both covered topless and drenched in body paint. As a result, iTunes covers they're breasts in bars which have the album title and artist name on it (don't belive me? Check out for yourself). It was the first, and as far as this day the only RID record I have, well stolen. Because I'm simply a casual fan per say. I'm not as focused on RID as say Neils Children. But I respect them and enjoy some of their music. And belive me this album is an awesome Dance-punk album, plus an underground cult favorite. I first found out about Robots in Disguise after watching and becoming a fan of The Mighty Boosh, which in turn, I never watched until after I heard of The Horrors, and amazingly I was once in a nightclub with Noel Fielding, unsuprisingly at a Horrors concert, and only found out months afterwards. Anyways if your interested, then scroll down to the end of this post to download the album.

And now for part two. As I (partially) mentioned in the title, there is an upcoming Horrors concert near me, yeah at the awesome Black Cat nightclub in Washington DC (I'll admit, first time going there, and I've heard its like a slightly smaller 9:30 Club). This is the second time I'll be seeing The Horrors, and the first time seeing them headline a concert (first time they opened for The Kills). Now I've been a Horrors fan since February of 09 when my ex online girlfriend told be about them. I was amazed, the best thing out of England since The Jesus and Mary Chain, yes, even better then Bloc Party or Franz Ferdinand (two bands I also enjoy). Plus twice is dark, loud, throbbing and psychaedelic! But the Horrors aren't the only focus now aren't they. There are two opening acts, one, a great, and quite obscure, Garage-Dance band called The Crocodiles (but more commonly refered Crocodiles) and a rather mediocre local Pop rock artist named Casper Bangs (who I don't at all like, but I will try to keep quiet about Bangs). It sounds like a good concert. And I will, if I must! Get to the very front of the concert and be right under Faris Badwans nose! And I once was right under Kim Gordon at a Sonic Youth concert! Right at the fucking front! AWESOME!!!!

Downloading links:

Robots in Disguise - We're in the Music Biz, download here<<<

Planned concert merch shopping list:

- Horrors Primary Colours CD (I heard they come with free posters!)
- Horrors Rose button
- Crocodiles button
- Crocodiles CD

If you remember an old post of mine, I lost my Horrors rose button on the club floor haha

September 5, 2009

UK Decay - The Black 45 EP

Okay so this is an EP from the old school British Post-punk band UK Decay, if your wondering about the low frequency of recent posts its because I'm all busy with school work and stuff. So I may only post something once a week for a while from now (and by that, I mean a couple of months). Anyways UK Decay would turn out to be a massive influence on the 2nd wave of Gothic Rock bands that followed them (Sisters of Mercy, The Cult, Nosferatu ect.), but had already fallen apart by the time these bands were taken seriously my the music press and gained success. As a result, UK Decay are mostly forgotten, but have kept a cult following that resonates today and even reformed back in 2008 to play the Drop Dead Festival.


1. Message Distortion
2. Disco Romance
3. The Black Cat
4. Middle of The Road Man