July 30, 2009

I don't mean to go political but...

Orly Taitz, Grand Wizardess of The Birthers

If you live in America, like me (or you receive American political news in another country), you should be well aware of this evil slut. This is Orly Taitz, a conservative wingnut who without the slightest sense of intelligence, has repressented a rediculous, unintelligent, and stupid court lawsuit filed by one Stefan Cook. Stephan, a dumb birther himself, volunteered to serve on year in Afghanistan starting July 15th. He then filed a lawsuit claiming he shouldn't serve because Barack Obama isn't the president. His lawyer, the wicked russian witch Orly Taitz. The reason I'm bringing this up is of course, because I'm angered. Now as a self-described Socialist, I'm not too much of a fan of Barack Obama. He's too willing to compromise with the right wing, so willing his healthcare bill may no longer include a public option. But he's the lesser evil. He is a victim of racism. The wingnuts and the republican fringe (I won't use the "F" or "N" words, i.e. Fascism and Nazism) are getting out of hand, and making themselves look like idiots at the exact same moment. I hate republicans, conservatives and right wingers (I'm sorry if it implies to you, the reader) but this is pure idiocracy. Glenn Beck says he's a racist, Taitz says he's Kenyan. I'll prove to important points to you:

  • Obama is often said to be anti-caucasian by the wingnuts. Glenn Beck stating often that he hates white people. This wouldn't make sense, considering that A) Barack Obama's half caucasian, B) a very large percentage of his staff are caucasian and C) his own mother is caucasian. Surely you don't see something odd about your own statements Mr. Beck now do you?
  • A dumb and common arguement: Barack Obama was born in Kenya, so therefore he can't run for president. Now, there's a problem with saying that. According to Obama's birth certificate, Barack Obama was born in Honalulu, Hawaii am I right? To an american-born mother of American citizenship and a Kenyan father of Kenyan citizenship. Technically, since he was born in an American state (Hawaii became a state in 1959, two years before Obama's birth in 1961), Obama can be inaugurated as pesident, and this is the LAW!!! Now get that in your heads you dumb birthers. Anyone, in their right mind, would be aware of that. Plus if your too fucking stupid to belive it. Look at his bloody birth certificate, its in the public domain now! Look!
I would like too close this post with a more musically related statement. If Demi Lavato likes Black Metal. Why doesn't she play Black Metal? Because she's a sellout

July 27, 2009

S.C.U.M. - Visions Arise single

Okay now this band here are some pretty awesome shit. Zombie Garage music (bands like The Horrors, The Dead.). Nice, noisy and chaotic. Faris Badwan and Joshua Third of The Horrors are both fans. Faris stated in an interview that they were kinda like the No-Wave band Mars (great stuff) and Joshua has a t shirt for this single (see below). Anyways worth the download.


1. Visions Arise
2. Second Sea


Josh's S.C.U.M. shirt, and yes, I know the girl on the right lol.

July 25, 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Body and Soul EP

This is a now rare EP by the British Goth band The Sisters of Mercy, that was released in 1984 on the Sisters own Merciful Release label. Now, Andrew Eldritch has, since the 90's, claimed that the Sisters aren't a goth band. Okay seriously, maybe he now wants to move on from that reputation. But back then, lets face it, you had Patricia Morrison on bass, now I read an article saying that Eldritch only picked Morrison for bass not because she was a good bassist (she is) but because of her gothic pin up appearence. Plus look at the album art, the two romans in the night looks extremely dark and well somewhat gothic. For more info on the sisters of mercy, visit this link.


1. Body and Soul
2. Body Electric
3. Train
4. Afterhours

Note: the Body Electric here is an alternative version to the same song on the Some Girls Wander By Mistake compilation.


July 20, 2009

The Dead - The Poem single

The new single by my band, The Dead, I designed the artwork and everything and released it on my label Explicit. Ya EXP3 lol. I packaged a downloadable poster inside the zip folder for it. The Poem is pretty much a slap on reptitive moral about life lol. Noel Fielding is God is well as the title suggests, about Noel Fielding. Because The Mighty Boosh are awesome!!!! lol. So download this, give me a listen, and tell me what you think of me lol


Its already there ^

Download here

July 13, 2009

Interpol - Turn on The Bright Lights

The first album by the amazing American Post-punk revival band Inerpol. Compared to their later work, the album is very dark, depressing and somewhat minimalist. The album has sold very well for an independant release, over 400,000 copies in America and 86,000 in the UK. Despite only peaking at number 158 and 101 respectively in both countries charts. If you want an idea of the sound, imagine that Joy Division were stripped as far down as you could go without robbing them of music, there you have an excellent and depressing album.

Sorry, I'm too bored to do the tracklist lol, clicky clicky! lol

July 10, 2009

The Dead - The Poem (Poster)

Run my slaves and paste, paste, paste!!!
lol its the new poster for my band's upcoming single, just post this wherever u can it'll get attention. I'm posting this around DC lol.

my band's site

my label's site

July 8, 2009

Review: Sonic Youth @ 9:30 Club

Tonight (make it yesterday) I saw the great Avant Garde Noisy Indie Alternative Post Punk Rock band Sonic Youth at the 9:30 Club in DC. What can I say? Pure excellence and liveliness. Sonic Youth haven't sat down with age, they've gotten better. 2 encores, including the classic Death Valley 69. The main setlist consisted mostly of songs from The Eternal plus a track from Sister (White Cross). As I said earlier, the show was played to a sold out 9:30 Club, their second show at the club in 2 days. Tomorrow they will be playing The National in Richmond, Virginia.

BTW I swear I saw Billie Joe and Mike Dirnt of Green Day on the balcony, I should of taken a pic.

But first off.

The Entrance Band:

The Entrance band are an LA based Cream meets Nirvana meets Black Sabbath kinda band. I guess one called call them a psychadelic rock band, but who cares about that. Personally, I'm not a fan, although they do have some nice guitar work. I feel as if this music is kinda mainstream, I mean like, its canned per say. Not that they are, but its a form of music thats just uninteresting y'know. I'm not a fan of Psychadelic Rock I'll admit. They would probably find a better audience back in '68 then they would now in '09. Plus twice as fresh.

Headlining: Sonic Youth

Goddamnit I don't want to give a destription, lets face it, one of the best bands on the face of current Avant-Garde music. They killed live, they have the energy and the want to do this after almost 30 years and they are strong as ever. I'm guessing a lot better than last nights gig. According to what I've read. Strangely while waiting for SY to come on, I fell into a deep and intricate conversation on Indie rock with a group of teenaged Sonic Youth fans, I being the youngest of 14. For once I could share my sense of taste with one who knows of it in person. We were talking of bands ranging from The Cure to Foals to Big Black to Fugazi, it was great. Much like the whole show. Even the railing infront of the stage didn't bother me. There was only a 1 1/2 foot distance between me and the stage. Anyway, Thurston sang with his mighty voice into the great microphone, at times dancing with his guitar. There was one piece which sampled a piece of modern R&B music (not Rock and Roll but Chris Brown stuff) Steve, Thurston, Lee, Kim and Mark all seemingly laughed along with the audience before twisting it with some power distortion. A great show I will never forget. Plus two impressive encores and some nice merch.

The Merch + The Pics + Vids

July 7, 2009

Tonight: Sonic Youth @ 9:30 Club

Yepp, tonight I'll be attending a sold-out Sonic Youth concert at the 9:30 Club in DC. Sonic Youth have, as you probably know, recently released a new album (The Eternal) and are currently touring to support it ofcourse. Based on what I've seen, the setlist will mostly consist of The Eternal songs plus a couple of older stuff and the encore will be old stuff. Opening for them will be the LA-based Psychadelic-Alternative rock band The Entrance Band, now I don't know much of them so this will be something new to me, I admit I'm not much of a fan of Psych rock bands (except Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd) but this could be good, lol.


July 5, 2009

Black Flag - Six Pack EP

Classic EP by the LA Hardcore band Black Flag, at the time Black Flag's lead vocalist was Dez Cadena who as a result sang lead vocals on the EP. Cadena would switch to guitar shortly afterwards as he had worn out his voice within the quick time frame of Black Flag. The band recruited Henry Rollins to sing on the band's debut album which was released later that year, on which Dez Played second guitar with Greg Ginn, Dez was kicked out by Ginn in 1983 and Black Flag would from then on tour as a four piece and disband in 1986. Aside from the Six Pack EP, Cadena also sang on the Louie Louie single in '81, which is of course a cover of a Richard Berry song.


1. Six Pack
2. I've Heard It Before
3. American Waste

Black Flags lineup at the time:

Dez Cadena - Vocals
Greg Ginn - Guitar
Chuck Dukowski - Bass
ROBO - Drums


The Cramps - Greavest Hits

This was the first release (and only EP) by the influential and far reaching Horror-inspired black clad New York based band The Cramps. The EP was released in 1979 and is often viewed as a landmark in the revival of Rockabilly music and in the birth of Psychobilly music, although the band didn't like the term used to describe their music, despite the fact that they often used the word on their early gig posters. The term Psychobilly was coined by songwriter Wayne Kemp in the lyrics for the Johnny Cash song One Piece at A Time. The Cramps proved to be a huge influence on a variety of bands, ranging from Punk rock to Zombie Garage to Goth to their own Psychobilly. My personal favorite off this album, the heavy ass beats on their cover of The Trashmen's Surfin' Bird, gotta love that. Track's 2 - 5 are all covers just so you know.

  1. Human Fly
  2. The Way I Walk
  3. Domino
  4. Surfin' Bird
  5. Lonesome Town

July 3, 2009

Neils Children - Change/Return/Success

Contrary to popular view, this was the first album by the british Post-punk pre Zombie Garage band Neils Children (also known as NEiLS CHiLDREN). It was released in 2004 on Soft City Recordings , who based on what I know, have probably demised as I can't find that they have released anything since 2004 (as far as I know, this was the last release). The album is an obvious influence on Zombie Garage music (band's like The Horrors i.e. Faris Badwan's Horror's and The Dead, i.e. the one man band I front.) I absolutely love this album, and its pretty rare I haven't seen it on a single blog yet lol. The album includes the cult-classic I Hate Models.

  1. Come Down
  2. How Does It Feel To Be On Your Own?
  3. In The Past
  4. I Hate Models
  5. Trying to Be Someone Else For Free
  6. Getting Evil In The Playground
  7. What Will You Say To Me
  8. See Through Me/Nwod Emoc