May 27, 2009

Nazi's Against Fascism - Sid Did It

First off, sorry about the fact that I haven't updated this blog in like a week, I've been busy. This was the only single put out by the short lived British 70's Punk Rock band the Nazi's Against Fascism. As the title suggests, Sid Did It is about ex-Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious, his personal problems and his violent relationship with Nancy Sprungen. There were only two members of Nazi's Against Fascism; Ben Briely and Heathcote Williams. After NAF, they both went their seperate ways.


1. Sid Did It (Intelligable)
2. Sid Did It (Radio Version)



May 21, 2009

Sonic Youth - SYR 8: Andre Sider Af Sonic Youth

This was an album of free-form noise music released by Sonic Youth in 2008, it was recorded at the 2005 Roskilde Festival in July 2005 over the course of one hour. It features Jim O'Rouke on guitar, Mats Gustafsson on saxophone and japanese avant-garde musician Merzbow on his laptop. The title is Danish (i think) for "The other sides of Sonic Youth". Great album for fans of both Sonic Youth and free-form music.


1. Andre Sider Af Sonic Youth

Yes, there's only one track on the album. Its not a mistake.


May 18, 2009

Bauhaus - Lagartija Nick single

This was a non-album single released by the British proto-Goth band Bauhaus in 1983, it appeared on both a 7" and 12" format on Beggar's Banquet. The version here posted is the 7" version. The single's title track would appear on the CD version of the band's album 1983 album Burning From The Inside. The b-side, Paranoia, Paranoia. Is composed mostly of studio noise, sound collage, random guitar parts and a kick-ass drum machine lol. Great single for Bauhaus fans.


1. Lagartija Nick
2. Paranoia, Paranoia


All songs written and composed by Bauhaus (Peter Murphy, Kevin Haskins, David J, Daniel Ash)

May 17, 2009

Okay now Green Day have really sold out!

Okay so prior to around 1 month ago, I followed Green Day like it was nobodies business.

But with the new album (21st Century Breakdown) coming out, and the promotion that it gets well, everywhere, I feel as if the band have really sold out. Okay, people have been saying that Green Day has sold out since 1994, or they say they aren't a Punk band or there's nothing Punk about them. I'd just like to say, on the positive side:

  • Green Day are a Pop Punk band, Pop Punk is an offshoot of Punk Rock which (to me) developed in the late 80's/early 90's in California. They are seperated from punk rock due the often apolitical, sometimes humorous lyrics and more Pop-influenced sound, midtempo sound. Just because your Pop Punk doesn't make you Un-Punk. People respect NOFX as being a Pop Punk band, but people always call them Punks. Even "real punks" (ie. people that whine about Black Flag or The Clash)
  • Green Day didn't kill punk, it was bands like The Sex Pistols and The Clash that did. Anyone with half a punk brain knows that Punk is based on a Do It Yourself ethic that includes the refusal to sign to major record labels, as this is a sign of selling out and the desire for money. When The Clash signed to CBS Records in 1977, everyone was furious, it showed that The Clash were in it for The Cash. One early speak out against Punk commercialism in the 70's was Anarcho-Punk collective Crass's song Punk Is Dead. Its lyrics pointed out to musicians such as Patti Smith, The Sex Pistols and The Clash signing to major labels and turning out a profit, turining into products of profit for the corporate labels.
  • Back in 1994, ex-Public Image Limited/Sex Pistols lead singer John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) said that Green Day weren't Punks. Now Johnny has been a respectable, yet criticized figure among punk fans. His shocking appeal being most respected. But it should be noted the Lydon was quite the businessman, and sell out. In the mid-80's, when Public Image Limited were at their height, Lydon operated and owned sizeable amounts of real estate in Los Angeles. Most recently, he appeared in an advertisement for Country Life butter, he was largely mocked as a sellout but increased Country Life sales up by 85% the following quarter.

So it just comes to show, Green Day aren't the first Punk band to sell out;

1977: The Clash & Sex Pistols both sign to major labels

1978: Blondie released Parellel Lines, a straigtforward Pop album, The Clash's "Give Em Enough Rope" shows that the band have no aggresion. Just recession

1979: The Clash's London Calling shows nothing PunkRock about the band. Meanwhile groups such as Teen Idles and Crass start to point out the movement's flaws.

1980: 1st wave Punk fades away and the musicians either move on (Goth rock, Postpunk, Hardcore, Psychobilly ect.) or they sell out (New Wave).

1994: After a long wait "Punk Rock" returns to the mainstream. In the post-grunge mid 90's, this is an easy task. Pop Punk band's like Green Day and the proto-mall rock Blink 182 gain mass mainstream appeal. A backlash occurs withing the Punk movement with DIY Punks and aging 70's Punks claiming Blink and Green Day aren't punk. This is true as they are Punk Pop, which is an offshoot, much like Post-punk and Goth rock. Also Green Day are banned from some club in Berkely, California who's name I've forgotten.

1999-2003: Green Day enter a low period both commercially and musically, going on a"hiatus" for a couple years. Meanwhile, Mall Rock bands, influenced by Blink 182, hit the charts. These bands include Avril Lavigne, Sum 41, Simple Plan and Good Charollette among others. There is nothing punk whatsover about these bands, but they manage to be called Punk or Emo bands. Sadly.

2004: Green Day are back, American Idiot is a suprise success. The band are accused of selling out both their original and Dookie fans. But I'll admit, American Idiot is the band's second greatest album after Insomniac. To me, it was the first time since the 70s that a mainstream punk musician could really speak out. Mall Rock keeps climbing up the charts.

2005-2008: Green Day are done with American Idiot, do a tour and a couple of side projects for fun and not for money. Meanwhile Blink breakup and the Mall Rockers are topping the charts by 2007. I'll admit, Fall Out Boy had a couple of catchy songs but other than that they sucked. I'll remember the summer of 2007.

2009: Green Day have their album mass-publicized. Wherever I go theres something about Green Day that bothers me. They have an album put out in the worst, most corporate fashion. It makes me wanna die. Even worse, Blink 182 reforms, announcing public at... The Grammy's? How did they end up there? Plus why? Is this a good way to earn money or what!?

Punk Rock RIP | 1975-1976

May 16, 2009

Skold vs. KMFDM

This was a collaborative album between Tim Skold and Sascha (whatever his last name is) from KMFDM. Tim Skold does the vocals and Sascha does the instruments, bringing in the heavy (and awesome) Industrial Rock of KMDFM. There are 11 songs on the album, but 22 tracks, this is because there is a shorter (interlude) version of the songs, sorted randomly inbetween full length tracks. Great for fans of Industrial Rock, KMFDM or Tim Skold. Get it. Plus the artwork, designed by Kevin Marburg is superb lol.

I felt too lazy to list the tracks, so you can see them here. lol

Part 1

Part 2

May 13, 2009

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Upside Down single

This was the first single by the scottish Noise Pop/Alternative Rock band The Jesus and Mary Chain. It was released in 1984 on Creation Records. The title track and its b-side would never appear on a studio album. Although Updside Down was included on the 1988 compiltation Barbed Wire Kisses, both songs were included in the 2008 boxed set The Power of Negative Thinking: B-sides and Rarities.


1. Upside Down [Jim Reid, William Reid]
2. Vegetable Man [Syd Barret]


May 10, 2009

The Dead - Schautzstaffel single

Yepp this is the first single by my one man Zombie Garage band, The Dead. Its two songs, the first song is called Schautzstaffel and the b-side is called Instrumental. I recorded both songs in my bedroom on my laptop using ACID Xpress (its a recording softare made by Sony) and yes theres a lot of feedback but that makes me feel even better about the record. So download it.


1. Schautzstaffel
2. Instrumental

Both songs composed by Dani Sexbat (me using an alias lol)


ps: Paste this wherever you can

May 9, 2009

Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music

This was an album of Noise music put out by former Velvet Underground Guitarist/Vocalist Lou Reed. The album is composed entirely of feedback from guitars, which was made by placing the guitar amps infront of the guitar strings, which caused them to vibrate and generate sound. Yes, 67 minutes of wobbling guitar strings. Its great if your a fan of Avant-Garde Noise (like me :) ) but if your not into that stuff and it gives you ear pains, Don't get it. Metal Machine Music was rated the second worst rock & roll record ever in 1991 book The Worst Rock 'n' Roll Records of All Time by Jimmy Guterman and Owen O'Donnell. Only Elvis Presley's concert byplay album Having Fun With Elvis on Stage ranked worse. It was ranked #4 on Q Magazine's 50 Worst Albums of All Time and was included on Q's list of 10 Terrible Records By Great Artists. No matter how bad everyone says it is. Metal Machine Music is a land mark, a cult classic and an Avant-Garde great.


1. Metal Machine Music, Part I
2. Metal Machine Music, Part II
3. Metal Machine Music, Part III
4. Metal Machine Music, Part IV


May 6, 2009

Help my band!

Okay so I started my own solo project, The Dead, they're my Zombie Garage band and so since its a new thing and I'm trying to get it some notice I want everyone to help out by posting this poster I made for the single that [I] the band is gonna release. This single is called Schutzstaffel. Its B-side is an instrumental track. Go to for more details on The Dead and post the flyer below wherever you can because I want publicity for the band and Zombie Garage lol.
note: A larger version of the image will be shown if you click on it.

May 2, 2009

The Magic Wands - Black Magic (single)

This was the second single by the American Alternative Dance duo The Magic Wands. It was orignally released as a limited edition 7 inch vinyl in 2008 in england was released as a 7 inch in America back in May. If you look at my previous post. I saw the Magic Wands at the 9:30 Club in DC with The Horrors. I was pretty impressed so I illegally downloaded this 7 inch record. Both the A-side (Black Magic) and the B-side (Kaleidoscope Hearts) appear on the duo's debut EP (forgot the name). They sound awesome live. They're currently touring with The Horrors and The Kills. Click here for a list of tour dates.


1. Black Magic
2. Kaleidoscope Hearts

Both songs composed by Chris and Dexy


May 1, 2009

Review: The Horrors/The Magic Wands concert

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to to the 9:30 Club in Washington DC to see The Horrors, The Kills and The Magic Wands. I didn't stay to see The Kills because I had school the next day, hence why I'm reviewing The Horrors and The Magic Wand.

First off. The Magic Wand; Alternative Dance/Indie band from Nashville, Tennessee/Los Angeles, California composed of guitarists/vocalists Chris and Dexy (don't know their last names) when Chris found a song on myspace that he would listen to all the time. He found that Dexy was singing. Although the two were 2000 miles apart (Chris living in Nashville and Dexy in LA), they became close friends, they'd send eachother old vinyl, letters and strange objects. Eventually they decided to form a band and thats how they ended up where they are now lol. Prior to seeing them I had never heard any of there music but I was very impressed (they sound better live than in studio).

Second, last and best. The Horrors; I've been following the horrors for a long time ever since a friend of mine (yes Paige. It was you lol) kinda introduced me to them. The Horrors were impressive. They haven't overtly changed as some have thought. The new stuff still has some of the Strange House qualities. Faris is a maniac when it comes to going on stage. Joshua got his hair cut. They don't seem to be wearing the make up (or is that for the photo shoots?) with the exception of Faris. Plus they only played the new stuff. Nothing from Strange House. This is probably because they're only an opening act now but if they ever come back (for the love of god please do!) they should definetly headline because they have the cult following to do that. Anyways great concert. I ended up getting a Horrors T-shirt and a button while I was there. Sorry I don't have any pictures of the band's onstage but I have pics of the merch I got;

Horrors T-shirt (front)

Horrors t-shirt (back)

Horrors button

I had a second button which had the horrors name and a red rose on it. But I dropped it on the floor of the 9:30 Club and lost it forever lol.