July 7, 2010

Good news everyone!

Great news followers and music fans! For those of you unaware, Justin Bieber has been the subject of online humiliation, pwnership and en masse criticism. Firstly, the non-hierarchic and loosely organized Metal Militia has attacked Justin Bieber's Baby music video on Youtube, during which they trolled the comments with criticism varying from being rational to homophobic, and many listing artists that are superior to the uninspired music of Justin Bieber. A good 90% of the Metal Militiamen/women were simple heavy metal poseurs who don't listen to anything past the year 1990 unless if it's promoted in Hot Topic. But anyway, I'm not here to debate what is and isn't metal.

However, what really captured attention and actually made an impact was the relentless efforts of 4chan users. Sadly, we will probably never know who came up with the idea for the attack due to 4chan's anonymity. 4chan's users used various tactics of humilation. On Youtube, users took advantage of youtube's commenting section on videos by posting HTML comments that would divert the video to porn and even a pop up claiming that Justin Bieber had died. The group managed to also get "Justin Bieber Syphilis" to the top of the Google Trends Hot Search list. Gaining mass attention and paving the way for copycat actions over the weekend by hundereds of thousands of Youtubers.

Of course, that's not even the most significant and embrassassing action taken against Bieber. For those unaware, Justin Bieber is currently planning his My World Tour, his first headlining tour. To get fans involved in the tour, Bieber (or his management, or both) decided to use this website to allow for fans to vote on what country Bieber should visit first, there were no limitations to the countries. In fact, Antarctica was listen on there. So the good people of 4chan decided to vote for North Korea, and thanks to news spreading quickly on the internet, North Korea was soon in first place, with Israel in second place. Due to the fact that no one in North Korea apart from Kim Jong Il and possibly a few associates have internet access in North Korea, it is obvious that a vast majority (if not all) of the people who voted for North Korea are not from the country. North Korea won the vote successfully, to the applause of 4chansters and people who dislike Justin Bieber's music alike, as well as the confussion and pubescent anger of his fans and admirers. As of now, Justin Bieber's only comment on the situation has been that he's "not dead.", he has yet to comment on other events.

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