April 9, 2010

The Order Of The Fly - Hollow Voices Of A Dead Generation

Okay, so I found these guys on youtube the other day, I was browsing horror-punk vids and came across this. I noticed that they don't sound much like other horror bands. They don't have a guitarist. They instead, they utilize dual synthasizers. They incorporate a lot of Deathrock, Electrorock, and even some speedy Metal into their fairly unique sound. I'd recommend this to people who like bands as diverse as old AFI, The Birthday Massacre, Paralitikos and Calabrese.

Now, please download this, you'll enjoy it.


  1. no guitars? yea, they have guitars - and always have. What gave you that impression?

  2. Hey sir! this is Danny, the drummer for order of the fly. just wanted to say thanks for giving us a shout out! You kick ass!