February 20, 2010

Crass - The Feeding of the 5000

Okay, first album by Crass. Yeah, the first real Anarchist punk band. People tend to say the Sex Pistols were the first Anarcho-punk band just because they had a song called Anarchy In The UK. But people tend to not see that Anarchism is really an umbrella term for various anti-Statist ideologies. Now enough with all this talk about Anarchism. So Crass were basically a complete challenge to the state of Punk music and the Punk culture of the time. Basically, it was... can you really call yourself a Punk and be signed to 100,000 pound contracts? (Yeah, The Clash haha). Well, Crass essentially said "No, Punk is dead". Of course, they were referring to the ethic, which is entirely as true these days as it was 32 years ago. You have "Punks" on the Warped Tour (this is directed at the people who call Anti-Flag the purest Punk band to walk the earth). Now... where was I? Oh yeah. Crass were the most elitist and exclusive of Punk bands to walk the earth. If you play for record companies, you're a sellout. End of story. It's like reverse-Elitism.

Fuck that shit...

  1. Reality Asylum
  2. Do They Owe Us A Living?
  3. End Result
  4. They've Got A Bomb
  5. Punk is Dead
  6. Reject of Society
  7. General Bacardi
  8. Banned From The Roxy
  9. G's Song
  10. Fight Wars, Not Wars
  11. Women
  12. Securicor
  13. Sucks
  14. You Pay
  15. Angels
  16. What a Shame
  17. So What
  18. Well... Do They?

Download here :)

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